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Below is a list of galleries with work divided by theme rather than medium. Tapestries, paper weavings, gouache and stitched pieces are grouped together demonstrating more clearly interrelation of the mediums feeding off each other.

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Construction: Detail of Toy Truck in the Landscape, woven tapestry Detail of  Toy Truck
Blocks: Detail of Forest of Blocks, woven tapestry Detail of Forest of Blocks
Detail of Soaring above the Fragile Forest,
paper weaving with gouache
Detail of Soaring Above the Fragile Forest
Detail of Fragmentation, woven tapestry Detail of Fragmentation
Detail of Balance, woven tapestry Detail of Balance
Detail of Head in Sand, paper weaving
with gouache
Detail of Head in the Sand
Detail of Wash Days, woven tapestry Detail of Wash Days